Time Flows is a multidisciplinary project made for Prague Quadrennial festival 2019.

It was the first project of CHOREATURA studio, co-founded earlier with choreographer Marina Levakova.

The project is single-day performance that shows the paradox of humans, who have different perceptions of time, coexisting in one urban space.

Illustration by Rodion Kitaev

In the lives of humans, perception of time is a highly subjective matter. For people living in big cities this subjectivity is defined by many factors, not just personality and culture. As a living thing itself, a city creates different conditions, situations and events that make time pass as slowly, or at breakneck speed. Each city is a unique place, which runs at its own rhythm — and every human being has his/her own perception of time. There are no time zones and no borders, so if you are looking for the big picture in a city, it’s quite difficult to track.

Movement through the city

Time Flows is a single-day performance that shows how different humans, with different perceptions of time, can coexist in one city. The project is designed as a four-hour show, which will take place during the day. There will be three groups of performers, each with their own special movement pattern and own speed (slow, medium and fast). Their routes through the city will interconnect at specific points, including squares in the Old City, and to intensify their visibility, each group will have a unique colour.

In collaboration with Marina Levakova
© 2017 Gleb Galkin