Hyundai Motorstudio project is very special for my professional experience, since before that job in every team I was deeply involved in the concept development process. This task was completely opposite - it was all about materializing of already existing design.
The design was made by NY-based 2x4 studio before Hyundai Motor CIS hired RDNK for supervising construction process and communications with lot of teams involved in this international project.

There was a lot of difficulties and problems during all building process, as it frequently happens with painstaking construction work, but in the end Motorstudio was build and opened for visitors.
This gallery is now an open public space located in Moscow city center. It has a varied program of entertainment with lots of multidisciplinary activities - from quiet lunch and reading space to amphitheater with lectures and music shows.

Spacial organization scheme (courtesy of 2x4 studio)

Functions organization scheme (courtesy of 2x4 studio)

Construction phase

Double-side amphitheater assembling

Upper gallery preparations

Client - Hyundai Motor Company (Seul, Moscow)
Designer - 2x4 studio (New-York)
Interactive equipment - LG (Seul)
Construction and optimizing to local code - Garant (Moscow)
Supervision - RDNK (Moscow)

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