What is memory? Historical event’s declaration from the high stand? Archive documentation with a distinct evidential basis?

We think that memory is a group of recollections of a particular person. Recollections which are mostly binded with person’s feelings and emotions. People looking at the world through the lens of their personal perception. So only things which are able to elict our emotions can stay in our memory.

The concept of “Lifted memory” project could be desribed as a creation of environment for every visitor’s personal interaction with the tangible trace of one of the scariest stories in our common past - a huge stone from Sobibor nazi camp.
By placing the main object inside the intimate bright and verticaly streched space, we’re establishing a room for one’s peaceful reasoning and inner dialogue.

Cross section

Street elevation

The main building material of new structure is concrete. Cylindrical walls surrounding the stone have 5,2 meters in diameter and 14,2 meters in height.

Site plan

Multifuntional strip with embeded street lighting bordering new lifted plantation is also made out of concrete.
Particular parts of the strip are covered with light-grey plastic cover, arranging comfortable sitting places.
Along the perimeter of museum’s building and around ventilating shaft, organization of high grass addition is planned. This should help us to place an existing shaft’s structure inside a green herb mass.

Exploded diagram

In collaboration with Kirill Kozlov
© 2017 Gleb Galkin